August 20, 2019

Kräftskivor Party Cruise! (Crayfish Party!)

Kräftskivor Party Cruise! (Crayfish Party!)

Saturday, 31st August. Languages Offered: Spanish, English and Swedish!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this activity is paused.  We will be updating new information and please stay safe. Let’s hope all this is over soon. Meanwhile, we recommend you to enjoy our virtual tours on our Youtube Channel, like this you can see a little of Stockholm from the comfort of your house.

Let’s celebrate one of the most typical traditions in all of Sweden, the “Crayfish Party”, on board of a fantastic boat!

For over 100 years, the Crayfish Party is a tradition that is celebrated every year in the month of August.  It is usually celebrated on the Archipelago (islands) where one would enjoy eating crab, singing, drinking songs with beer and Swedish Schnapps!  How wonderful is that!?

Are you ready to feel like a true Swede in this unforgettable experience by boat? If so, let me be the one to guide you.  You will not be disappointed

When you book with us, you will feel like family.  We will meet you with open arms on our well decorated boat with the “Kräftskivor” style! Then, we will give you a “Crayfish Kit” which includes the typical paper hat and bib of the Crayfish Party! (We need to be well prepared for the great feast!)  

Then, we will sail towards the Stockholm Archipelago tasting the typical Swedish tapas that precede dinner.  All this with a Swedish beer or a light drink in hand. 

With this, you will be ready to celebrate the “Kräftskivor” with a huge plate of freshly boiled crayfish! Never had a crayfish before, don´t worry because your Swedish host will teach you how to eat it Swedish style! Your host will also teach you how to drink the famous “snpas”, Swedish schnapps, and singing the typical Swedish songs of this party to name a few!

All of  this following the typical Swedish protocol that will surprise everybody!

Meeting point: At the street “Strandvägen 20” by the water, dock #20 “kajplats 20” just in front of the Restaurant “Breeze”. Only 7 minutes walking from the port “Nybroplan”. The name of the boat is “MARKEN”.

Time: 18:00pm


  • 18:00 Welcome on board with the “Crayfish Kit”.
  • 19:00 Start the 3-hour cruise with Swedish tapas on board!
  • 20:00 Start the celebration of the “Kräftskivor” on board with the crayfish plate, Swedish shots, drinking songs and entertainment!
  • 22:00 Finish the cruise and continue the party onboard (for those who want to continue enjoying the party until the sunrise!)

Price: 500 SEK online, 550 SEK at the door (Includes “Crayfish Kit”, Swedish drinking Songbook, dinner, 3 hours cruise and entertainment on board with a Swedish Host in different languages)

Dinner: Swedish tapas and a huge plate of freshly boiled crayfish!

Please don´t forget to book in advance, we have limited places.

Also, we will capture amazing photos all night so you can bring them home and share with everyone, making them jealous of your wonderful cruise and party.