“Kungsträdgården” Stockholm´s Virtual Tour

In the middle of this pandemic situation, we just want to give you the welcome to our first virtual tour online in Stockholm, Sweden! (Other cities coming soon)

And the best introduction to this wonderful city is from one of the amazing viewpoints “Monteliusvägen”. And of course in one of the best seasons of the year when the city begins to wake up, the wonderful spring!

Here is when Stockholm’s iconic “Cherry Blossoms” (Sakura) start to bloom!💖 And like this the famous “Cherry Blossom Season” begins!

They begin to blooms in the famous park “Kungsträdgården” 🌳 around March till the end of April – beginning of May.

This wonderful park is located in Stockholm City Center, where the Royal Palace, Parliament, Royal Opera, the historic square “Gustav Adolf Torg”, and much more other sights are easy to reach.

And what do you find in Kungsträdgården? Apart from a lot of history, you can also find there Saint James´s Church, house of the Patron Saint of Travelers!, and the famous “Café Opera” 🎶👌 (Nightclub).

Also with a short walk, you can visit the National Museum and the islands of “Skeppsholmen”, “Södermalm” and “Gamla Stan” (Old Town)

So let´s #TravelMulticolor around the world with #AnateRainbow

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